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What is the best way to control the clutter of audio wires?

Audio Wire Storage

The numbers of audio and video devices in your living room start to add up. This means that the number of wires can also add up, making your living room look cluttered and unorganized. One aspect of audio and video storage is wire control.

Control audio and electronic wires in your living room area in one of several ways. You can use a plastic tie to keep them all together in a bunch. Then, lay the bunch in a vertical, wire basket to make them look neat and organized. This method of wire storage will not only add to the overall organizational aspect of your home, but is also a safer method of storing wires.

What should I do with all of my remote controls?

Remote Control Storage

There are so many different remote controls that come with audio and video devices these days; it can be hard to keep them organized. Audio and video storage is a hot topic among home organizers and new ideas are being brought about routinely. One idea is regarding the storage of the various remote controls.

Try using a remote control organizer, be it one sold through one of the various home improvement stores or just a plain, wicker basket, to keep all your remote controls stored in one spot. Use a clear label on each one to determine which audio device it should be used for.

Remote control storage is a great way to control some of the audio clutter in the living room area.

Can I store my DVD's and CD's on the wall?

Wall Mounted Media Storage

Another solution for your audio and video storage if you don't have a lot of space is to use your walls. If you look online or in stores like the Container Store or IKEA you can find a lot of creative wall mounted cabinets and media racks that are wall mounted. They end up looking really slick and can hold a ton of CDs or DVDs with no footprint on the floor.

Organize them by genre, by the alphabet or however, in this storage solution you will really end up using your whole collection as your music will be at your fingertips. You want to make sure you don't put them on a wall behind seating because you won't be able to lean back on a rack of CD's but, if done right, they can end up looking like wall art and you are saving a lot of space.

What is the simplest and cheapest way to store my DVD's and CD's?

Simple CD and DVD Storage

Media storage is a problem for many people. Of course, on of the simplest ways to handle this issue is the just get rid of the cases (be they CD or DVD) and only keep the disks. They sell vinyl and leather cases that can hold discs - more than 200 per binder in some cases - and these make the most effective space savers when it comes to media. These binders also make traveling with your collection very easy!

With CD's you can even preserve the album insert by removing it and keeping it in the same sleeve, or in the adjacent sleeve of the case. The truly organized person will even keep their CDs and DVDs alphabetized and keep empty sleeves on hand to add to their collection, but not everyone is up for that. Feel free to catalog your collection as you see fit - just make sure your system is scalable!

What is an easy way to store CDs and DVDs?

CD/DVD Storage Tips

Oftentimes, CD/DVD storage can get bulky and expensive because in most instances, it takes more than one unit to hold all of your CDs and DVDs. Audio and video storage can be tricky and can make your house look more cluttered than ever.

Try this tip: invest in a large CD wallet. By inserting the CD/DVD and the CD/DVD jacket, you can keep track of your discs, assure they are not being damaged, and store them easily out of site, taking away from clutter in your living room area.

Your favorite disc should also be easy to find, especially if you organize the CD wallet in alphabetical order.

Should I make a built in media storage cabinet?

Creating a Multi Media Storage Unit

When you put together your home theater, you may want to consider building your own multi media storage cabinet. By creating a custom built in unit, you can create a scalable solution that fits your components, your television and your viewing room.

It's important to study your cabling options, plan for wiring and plan for speaker placement so you have the best surround sound system possible. By planning ahead, you can store all of your media and components optimally, thereby creating the viewing room of your dreams no matter the size, shape or budget with which you are working.

How can I store my DVD's and CD's so they look nice in my living room?

Media Cabinets

DVD's, CD's and other media are not designed with your décor in mind. Not only can they end up creating a huge amount of clutter, they are also awkwardly sized if all you have is traditional book storage. This is why they make media cabinets and they are well worth the investment.

You can everything from simple racks to cabinets that open and close, completely hiding your collection from view. Multi function cabinets are best, especially with customizable storage solutions (moveable shelves) and options that can hold CDs and DVDs in the same place. Doors are a great idea if you have kids in the house - make sure you get baby latches to keep your cabinet from being emptied by busy and curious babies - and as they grow older, they can find their own videos and learn to put them away where they belong!

How can I make my cable box or TiVo more stable on top of my TV?

TV Top Storage

You may not be one of those people that need a fancy home theater - you may not even be that much of a media buff, but that doesn't mean you don't want to make what you do have as organized and efficient as possible. Instead of just resting a component on top of your TV, or below it (if it is a little TV), you really should consider something like a TV top shelf. This works perfectly for a single component like a cable box, TiVo or DVD player and it ensures the security of the component resting on your TV and protects both pieces simultaneously.

Basically it is a well designed shelf that sits on the top of the TV and has adjustable legs that can be extended to rest on the sloping section of the back of the set. Sometimes, simplicity is the answer, and what could be simpler than an elegant storage solution like this?

How Can I Hide my TV So It Is Not the Central Part of the Living Room Decor?

Television Hutch Perfect for Multiple Audio Items

These days there are so many different audio and video items, that storage can get tricky. A possibility is a large TV hutch, which has space for your TV (they come in different sizes for differently-sized television sets) as well as for your other audio and video storage needs. Most have slots for DVD players, game consoles and DVDs and is perfect for audio and video storage.

TV hutches are usually sold in black, white or wood colors, but if you want to get creative, you might try painting it to match the decor of your room.

Oftentimes, a TV hutch has doors on it so it serves as a way to "hide" your TV, so that it is no longer the focal point of your living room decor.

What is the best way to keep track of DVD/game rentals?

Easy Spot for DVD/Video Game Rentals

Many people rent DVDs with the best intentions of taking them back on time to avoid late fees. An easy, efficient way to organize DVD and game rentals in to store a clear, plastic bag on a hook in your main hallway for DVDs and/or games. As you finish watching a movie or playing a game, simply drop it in the bag.

You can also insert an index card with the time and date the rentals need to be returned. Make sure the bag is transparent as this will serve as a reminder to return the DVDs/video games on the exact date they are due back.

How can I create a cool home theater with media storage?

Home Theater on a Small Scale

Small space but large home theater aspirations?

You'll need your space for speakers and seating, so you need to find an elegant and efficient multi media storage unit. An audio entertainment center truly worthy will hold not only your DVD, CD and VHS, but also your components. Deep doors hold the movies and music while the shelves hold the players and you can close it up to hide it away to protect and so that it doesn't interrupt your decor.

If you can, a wall mounted flat screen TV would be ideal but if you can't afford that, grab a cabinet that can hold the TV inside or get a TV turntable that makes your TV placement more flexible.

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