TV Top Storage

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How can I make my cable box or TiVo more stable on top of my TV?

TV Top Storage

You may not be one of those people that need a fancy home theater - you may not even be that much of a media buff, but that doesn't mean you don't want to make what you do have as organized and efficient as possible. Instead of just resting a component on top of your TV, or below it (if it is a little TV), you really should consider something like a TV top shelf. This works perfectly for a single component like a cable box, TiVo or DVD player and it ensures the security of the component resting on your TV and protects both pieces simultaneously.

Basically it is a well designed shelf that sits on the top of the TV and has adjustable legs that can be extended to rest on the sloping section of the back of the set. Sometimes, simplicity is the answer, and what could be simpler than an elegant storage solution like this?



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