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What is the best way to organize my tools?

Store Tools in Labeled Tool Boxes

The garage is one of the hardest areas in the home to organize because of the large number of items confined to a small space. The culprits are usually tools. There are different tools for different tasks, so oftentimes, they can add up and cause clutter in your garage area.

One solution to this is tool storage. Organize the tools in your garage into different categories using different sized, brightly colored plastic toolboxes. Group tools together by function and get several different toolboxes, each chosen with specific tool categories in mind.

Label them clearly so that the next time you go to reach for a specific tool, you know exactly where to find it. Storing them in toolboxes also protects them from being stepped on or dropped frequently as well as from water or heat damage.

How can I keep my garden tools organized?

Organizing Garden Tools

It's important to store garden tools in a clean, dry area. If not properly cared for, garden tools can rust and corrode. Here are some tips for storing garden tools:

• Be sure to wipe dirt and moisture from your garden tools after each use. If tools are a bit rusted, wipe with sandpaper until it's removed.
• Store tools in a dry spot in the garage or outdoor storage shed. Don't place them in an area that is prone to leaks.
• To store tools permanently for the winter, fill a small plastic storage bin with sand and a bit of oil and stand garden tools inside. This protects them from rust and keeps them clean and sharp.
• Place hooks in your shed or garage to hang tools to get them out of the way.

How can I keep my lawn tools neat and organized?

Lawn Tools Storage

Large lawn tools such as shovels and rakes should be stored in an easy to reach place. They should also be stored in such a manner so people won't trip over them. Here are some solutions fors storing lawn tools:

• Install hooks – Hang rakes, shovels, hoes and other large lawn tools from sturdy hooks hanging in the garage or outdoor storage shed. This provides your tools with an easy to reach home, yet keeps them off the floor.

• Lawn tool storage bins – Purchase an organizational bin for your lawn tools. These bins have slots to place each tool, handle side down, in its own slot. Tools stay neatly organized in one location.

• If there's not enough room in your shed or garage to store lawn tools during the winter months, bring them inside. Find a dry, out of the way place such as a corner of the basement. If you can, fill a large rubber bin with sand and a little oil, and place the tools "busy side down" in the sand. This will keep them sharp and rust-free.

How can I organize my garage?

Garage Storage and Flag Organization

The garage is the area of the house that most people depend on for storage purposes. This can contribute to a junky, unappealing garage area that is not useful for efficient storage. A way to combat this is to install shelving throughout areas in your garage.
Allow each family member to have portions of the shelving for their individual items. This will allow everyone to have storage options without unorganized clutter.
Be sure to group items together, such as gardening items, home repair items, car accessories, etc. Label each shelf so that you know where each item is located. Use the higher shelving for toxic cleaning supplies and other items that should be kept out of the reach of children and the lower shelves or the ground for heavier items.

Also, keep in mind that if you have American flags or any other type of flag hanging over your garage, or anywhere in your yard, clean it regularly and when preparing it for storage, fold it properly and store it in a place in your garage where it will be kept neat and clean until you decide to use it again.

You could also start an organization club with a few of your friends, getting together at one person's garage each month to help organize. This is a good way to get what is usually a large, multiple day job done quickly and efficiently.

How can the right hard to find tool help me organize my home?

Finding the Right Tool

In some cases, the answer to home organization can be found in hard to find tools. For instance, say you have an unruly hose - what you need is the right hose winding tool that can keep your garden hose in check.

Do you have bikes all over your garage?

Maybe what you need is a well designed stackable bike rack. One of the best ways to tackle home organization is to do your homework. The right storage solution, hard to find tool and shelving unit is probably out there and is yours to find and implement. People are often impatient to organize their home and rush into the most immediate solution. Take your time and find the right tool or storage solution for your problem and you'll get a better long term solution to your home organization challenge.

How can I organize my trash in my garage?

Garage Organization and Trash

Organizing your garage may be the last thing on your mind in terms of home cleaning, but once you do, you'll wonder why you lived in garage disarray for so long! Trash for instance, may not seem like something that needs your organizational touch, but it will make a big difference in your garage and in your life.

  • First, you need to buy the right trash cans. Buy two of uniform size with lids that can securely attach. Make sure you have separate bins for your recycling. Even if your town doesn't pick recycling up, that doesn't mean you don't need to recycle - just hop on the internet and find a recycling center need you!
  • Next, if you have pets, you need to keep your trash secure and when its time to take the trash out you also want to make the process and simple efficient as possible. They make a product called the trash can trolley which keeps your trash in one location and makes it possible to wheel your trash out as easy as can be. Additionally, when it comes time for yard cleanup, you can wheel your trash cans to your yard refuse and save your back!

What kind of tool storage should I get and where should I begin?

Your Tool Kit

When you are ready to build your tool kit out, think before you buy. First, buy a metal tool box - they last far longer than plastic boxes. Next, choose one that is scalable or at least larger than your tool collection. Finally, consider a couple of tool organization tips.

For instance, when you are developing your tool collection - specifically your socket collection, you'll need a set of metric and standard sockets. Color code them! The easiest way to do it is by lining them up on newspaper or on storage racks and then grab fluorescent line paint and mark them all in a row. Since you have grabbed a scalable tool kit, try to keep your screws, nails and other bits organized and separated into individual compartments. Also, don't forget your drill bits! Grab some small, rubberized, plastic cases and keep track of your drill bits by use - for drilling holes, driver bits and the like.

What's an inexpensive way to organize my garden tools?

Organize your Garden Tools

The plastic containers used for holding silverware in dishwashers or dish drains make good garden tool holders. But even better are caddies that are made specifically for garden tools, which means they won't rust, mold or carry bacteria. Garden tool holders can be carried from place to place as you tend to your garden. When not in use, they make for organized storage.

How can I use storage racks for sports equipment in my garage?

Bike Racks and Your Garage

If you have a couple of kids and an active lifestyle, chances are the bikes, scooters, skis and golf clubs are starting to take over your garage - or maybe they already have!

This is when storage racks start to come in handy. Wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor based bike racks can be a great space saver. If you have a small garage, a gravity bike rack is a great solution - it leans against the wall and the bikes hang one over the other. The rack only stands out about 18 inches from the wall.

If you don't have to worry about the depth of the rack, the wall mounted option, which holds the bikes side by side may be a better bet. Finally, if floor space isn't an issue, a standard bike rack may end up being a better solution for your family. Basically, before you shop, identify how much space you have and then make your purchase.

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