Audio Wire Storage

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What is the best way to control the clutter of audio wires?

Audio Wire Storage

The numbers of audio and video devices in your living room start to add up. This means that the number of wires can also add up, making your living room look cluttered and unorganized. One aspect of audio and video storage is wire control.

Control audio and electronic wires in your living room area in one of several ways. You can use a plastic tie to keep them all together in a bunch. Then, lay the bunch in a vertical, wire basket to make them look neat and organized. This method of wire storage will not only add to the overall organizational aspect of your home, but is also a safer method of storing wires.



4/1/2007 10:43:11 PM
Denise Lee said:

Yes! Label those wires to avoid a frustrating guessing game when something needs to be unplugged. There are all sorts of colored tags available and are fabulous for an easy time to distinguish each wire.
I've never seen a vertical basket, but I've seen long tubes that have been slit lengthwise. It's easy to slip a bundle of wires in these tubes. The singular tube is easy on the eyes and very easy to dust.


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