Simple CD and DVD Storage

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What is the simplest and cheapest way to store my DVD's and CD's?

Simple CD and DVD Storage

Media storage is a problem for many people. Of course, on of the simplest ways to handle this issue is the just get rid of the cases (be they CD or DVD) and only keep the disks. They sell vinyl and leather cases that can hold discs - more than 200 per binder in some cases - and these make the most effective space savers when it comes to media. These binders also make traveling with your collection very easy!

With CD's you can even preserve the album insert by removing it and keeping it in the same sleeve, or in the adjacent sleeve of the case. The truly organized person will even keep their CDs and DVDs alphabetized and keep empty sleeves on hand to add to their collection, but not everyone is up for that. Feel free to catalog your collection as you see fit - just make sure your system is scalable!



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