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How can I keep my kid's toys under control?

Playroom Storage 101

Toys, toys and more toys! They are everywhere and they get out of control fast. It could be just 10 minutes after you have thoroughly tidied the playroom and you kids could have easily created mass chaos again. How do you make it easy on yourself and maintain order in your toy storage? Less toys and more playroom storage is the answer. It's hard when you have little ones to phase out old toys as you bring in new ones, but you have to do it. You also have the eliminate toy duplications and you should get rid of any toys that are broken, damaged or otherwise unusable. Limiting the number of toys you have makes it easier to keep them organized. In reality, children favor a few toys out of the many, so keep the few, and give the many to needy kids!

Are there craft tables that incorporate toy and supply storage?

Arts and Crafts Organization

Crafts are a great part of having kids and making sure you have space and storage for supplies is challenging, but you can turn it into something very cool. They make activity tables now that have dry erase tops (for the artist), a lip around the edge to contain toys (for the hot wheels or toy train enthusiast), and rolling bins designed to fit beneath the table. Not only can you keep the toys in the bins, if you do frequent arts and crafts, you can keep your supplies in the bins as well. By grouping your child's activities a specific play location, you show them the best place to conduct their activity, you keep organized and you make putting things away and organization part of what you teach your children.

What is the best way to control toy clutter?

Tips for Toy Storage

Toys have a tendency to wind up in every room of the house. There are ways to control toy clutter that will not only get your kids involved in clean-up time, but also will be an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home decor.

Toy storage works best when shelves for toys are installed in the main playroom and in your child's bedroom. The more distinctive spaces there are for toys, the easier it will be to keep them organized. In addition, kids respond better to cleaning up when there is a definitive place for each toy to go.

Install brightly colored shelves for toy storage in the kids' bedrooms and playroom at a reachable height. Also, place plastic, portable bins or shelving in at least one other room of the house for toy storage and teach your children to place their toys in any one of the bins or on a shelf when they are done playing. Teach them to take care of the furniture in which they are storing their toys as well. This will show your children the importance of proper home furniture care as well as instilling in them a general sense of cleanliness.

What kind of playroom storage systems are available?

Playroom Shelving

Playroom organization can be pretty simple if you have the right storage system. Stackable systems work the best, because you can customize the set up and make sure you leave room for windows, wall art and the like.

Simple shelving works great for books and stuffed animals and larger toys but it can cause a conundrum when you are dealing with small toys, blocks and toys that don't lend themselves to simple shelves. Use some simple and *sturdy* baskets to store the smaller items. Make sure you bolt taller shelves to the walls, especially if you have a climber.

What kind of children's furniture lends itself to organization and storage?

Children's Furniture - Let Form Follow Function

Until you have a kid, you don't know the fun of choosing children's furniture. You can use a simple and elegant style, or a fun and whimsical one, but no matter what you choose, try to make it functional as well as attractive and you'll be glad you did.

If you choose a twin bed set for your child, for instance, why not choose one with a trundle for sleepovers or one with drawers beneath the bed for additional storage of their linens and blankets. Also, make sure what you choose is safe and functional for a small child. In some cases, when an adult is putting a room together, they don't think about drawers that close too quickly or shelves that can tip forward.

Are there bin storage systems I can integrate into my kid's playroom or bedroom?

Bin Systems for Playrooms

When it comes to kids, bins work best, so why fight the system? Smaller kid's toys, clothes and "stuff" just work best in bins rather than shelves, so sticking with traditional storage options doesn't make much sense. They now sell bin systems and stackable storage systems that can cover an entire wall.

When your child is small, keep the diaper supplies and other things you need to keep in proximity with the child but out of their hands in the upper bins. Keep their toys in the lower bins for easy access. As they grow, make sure the bins they can access are full of their own toys, books and stuffed animals.

Introduce the concept of cleaning up as early as possible and help them learn to be tidy and organized. Again, you need to remove toys that are damaged, never used and duplicates to help them keep organized - and let them help - sneaking things away in the night is not going to teach them the importance of not being a pack rat.

How can I provide playroom seating and playroom storage?

Seating and Storage

Kids need a place to sit, other than the floor, but why not make it efficient by incorporating storage within? A kid's storage bench that holds animals, toys and blankets and seating for storage will not only be useful but also attractive. If you have a window, use it beneath it, like a window seat to encourage reading and repose (yeah right!). You could also create a built in window seat with toy storage beneath and above, depending on your resources and skill set. To customize your kid's storage bench, take your little one to a fabric store and let them choose the fabric and pattern, then let them help you cut the pattern and sew the pillow!

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