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I have no space for a permanent table, what should I do?

Wall Mounted Folding Tables

A great space saver for a small kitchen, office or laundry area is a wall mounted folding table. You can buy these, or fashion your own.

The idea is to have a small, medium or large flat surface that is hinged on the wall and has a brace or legs that can be put in place to act as supports when you need to put it to use. If you use standard kitchen stools, you can put them to use when the table is in place and when it isn't and if you paint your wall mounted table to work with your decor, it can act as wall mounted art when it isn't in use!

These are also great in a small laundry room so you can use when folding clothing and then put it down when you need the floor space. This can also be a terrific solution for a craft area with your kids. If you have your crafting supplies in a portable storage cart, you can keep that in a corner or closet and just pull your table up when you need to use it. The key to organizing a small apartment or house is to keep small things stored efficiently and maximize floor space to make your home look larger.

I want folding chairs that aren't ugly, are there any?

Form and Function Meet

Folding chairs are not what they once were. At this point, if style is important to you, you can get folding club chairs in almost any style you can imagine. From queen Anne to mission style, folding chairs can now actually add to the style of your home rather than just act as a utility item. You could even use them in your every day decor, they look that good!

So, if you have a weekly tea party, poker night or other entertainment event, these chairs are the answer. You can also get well designed folding chairs in the mission style. Don't imagine that just because you need temporary seating or an eating surface or card table that it needs to be ugly. Take advantage of today's designs and advancement and let form and function create a lovely temporary seating area for guests.

What are some creative solutions for the kid's table at holidays?

The Kid's Table

We all need a kid's table as we grow our family and begin to share holidays, barbecues and dinner parties. This doesn't mean you need to grab a cheap card table (although you can!). You have a lot of options and you can get high quality tables that are also sensible and easy to store.

Nowadays, you don't have to settle for ugly folding metal chairs - you can pick up wooden ones at an inexpensive price at your local Bed and Bath store. Folding chairs are easy to store and useful for dinner parties and other events at your house.

To ensure a truly scalable solution, you will probably want to go for a round table. Round tables always allow for more people to squeeze in and you can get option that fold up and can be stored in small spaces. The style of the table isn't relavant, just keep some nice table cloths on hand to cover them up. Make sure the table is light enough to be transportable by one person, and choose something made of good materials so you know it will last.

How do I keep track of items found in clothing pockets?

Guardning Furniture From Pets

Pets shed and flutter, and no matter how hard we try, it's virtually impossible to keep the house clean of pet hair and dirt. One of the more difficult places to keep clean are the pet beds scattered around our home.
While it's difficult to keep the pet clean, you can keep your home clean. Using pet mats on sofas and chairs eliminates hair and odor from the furniture itself, and the pet mats and pillows are washable and easier to transport.

I need some creative camping table solutions, what are my options?

Camping Folding Tables

Camping necessitates ingenuity, so shop around and you can find some amazing folding tables. You have several options and you can choose according to your space constraints.

If you have a trailer or larger camper, you can get a solid top camp table that merely has collapsable legs. Be on the lookout for the slick designs with extendable wire shelving that slides out from beneath the table top. If you like to stick with small spaces like your car, you may want to consider a slatted roll up folding table - these eventually collapse into a bag that can be easily slung over your shoulder.

How can I entertain in a one bedroom or studio apartment?

Entertaining in a Small Space

Studio or one bedroom apartment? Still like to entertain? No problem. All you need is a slick set of folding table and chairs.

Sets today have collapsable leaves on both sides of the table, so when you flip them down, your table is only about 13 inches wide. They even usually have storage space within for folding wooden chairs that match. If you set the collapsed table against your kitchen wall, you have additional counter space - or stow the whole unit in a storage closet. Additionally, you can get them made out of quality wood with your choice of finish so you answer you needs of both form and function.

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