Media Cabinets

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How can I store my DVD's and CD's so they look nice in my living room?

Media Cabinets

DVD's, CD's and other media are not designed with your décor in mind. Not only can they end up creating a huge amount of clutter, they are also awkwardly sized if all you have is traditional book storage. This is why they make media cabinets and they are well worth the investment.

You can everything from simple racks to cabinets that open and close, completely hiding your collection from view. Multi function cabinets are best, especially with customizable storage solutions (moveable shelves) and options that can hold CDs and DVDs in the same place. Doors are a great idea if you have kids in the house - make sure you get baby latches to keep your cabinet from being emptied by busy and curious babies - and as they grow older, they can find their own videos and learn to put them away where they belong!



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