Lawn Tools Storage

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How can I keep my lawn tools neat and organized?

Lawn Tools Storage

Large lawn tools such as shovels and rakes should be stored in an easy to reach place. They should also be stored in such a manner so people won't trip over them. Here are some solutions fors storing lawn tools:

• Install hooks – Hang rakes, shovels, hoes and other large lawn tools from sturdy hooks hanging in the garage or outdoor storage shed. This provides your tools with an easy to reach home, yet keeps them off the floor.

• Lawn tool storage bins – Purchase an organizational bin for your lawn tools. These bins have slots to place each tool, handle side down, in its own slot. Tools stay neatly organized in one location.

• If there's not enough room in your shed or garage to store lawn tools during the winter months, bring them inside. Find a dry, out of the way place such as a corner of the basement. If you can, fill a large rubber bin with sand and a little oil, and place the tools "busy side down" in the sand. This will keep them sharp and rust-free.



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