Bike Racks and Your Garage

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How can I use storage racks for sports equipment in my garage?

Bike Racks and Your Garage

If you have a couple of kids and an active lifestyle, chances are the bikes, scooters, skis and golf clubs are starting to take over your garage - or maybe they already have!

This is when storage racks start to come in handy. Wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor based bike racks can be a great space saver. If you have a small garage, a gravity bike rack is a great solution - it leans against the wall and the bikes hang one over the other. The rack only stands out about 18 inches from the wall.

If you don't have to worry about the depth of the rack, the wall mounted option, which holds the bikes side by side may be a better bet. Finally, if floor space isn't an issue, a standard bike rack may end up being a better solution for your family. Basically, before you shop, identify how much space you have and then make your purchase.



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