Tips for Toy Storage

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What is the best way to control toy clutter?

Tips for Toy Storage

Toys have a tendency to wind up in every room of the house. There are ways to control toy clutter that will not only get your kids involved in clean-up time, but also will be an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your home decor.

Toy storage works best when shelves for toys are installed in the main playroom and in your child's bedroom. The more distinctive spaces there are for toys, the easier it will be to keep them organized. In addition, kids respond better to cleaning up when there is a definitive place for each toy to go.

Install brightly colored shelves for toy storage in the kids' bedrooms and playroom at a reachable height. Also, place plastic, portable bins or shelving in at least one other room of the house for toy storage and teach your children to place their toys in any one of the bins or on a shelf when they are done playing. Teach them to take care of the furniture in which they are storing their toys as well. This will show your children the importance of proper home furniture care as well as instilling in them a general sense of cleanliness.



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