Wall Mounted Folding Tables

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I have no space for a permanent table, what should I do?

Wall Mounted Folding Tables

A great space saver for a small kitchen, office or laundry area is a wall mounted folding table. You can buy these, or fashion your own.

The idea is to have a small, medium or large flat surface that is hinged on the wall and has a brace or legs that can be put in place to act as supports when you need to put it to use. If you use standard kitchen stools, you can put them to use when the table is in place and when it isn't and if you paint your wall mounted table to work with your decor, it can act as wall mounted art when it isn't in use!

These are also great in a small laundry room so you can use when folding clothing and then put it down when you need the floor space. This can also be a terrific solution for a craft area with your kids. If you have your crafting supplies in a portable storage cart, you can keep that in a corner or closet and just pull your table up when you need to use it. The key to organizing a small apartment or house is to keep small things stored efficiently and maximize floor space to make your home look larger.



8/8/2006 7:33:10 PM
Sewgirl40 said:

This is a great idea, and I would love to make my own, but I can't find plans or directions. Tips don't do much good if there isn't a way to use them.


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