The Kid's Table

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What are some creative solutions for the kid's table at holidays?

The Kid's Table

We all need a kid's table as we grow our family and begin to share holidays, barbecues and dinner parties. This doesn't mean you need to grab a cheap card table (although you can!). You have a lot of options and you can get high quality tables that are also sensible and easy to store.

Nowadays, you don't have to settle for ugly folding metal chairs - you can pick up wooden ones at an inexpensive price at your local Bed and Bath store. Folding chairs are easy to store and useful for dinner parties and other events at your house.

To ensure a truly scalable solution, you will probably want to go for a round table. Round tables always allow for more people to squeeze in and you can get option that fold up and can be stored in small spaces. The style of the table isn't relavant, just keep some nice table cloths on hand to cover them up. Make sure the table is light enough to be transportable by one person, and choose something made of good materials so you know it will last.



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