Remembering your Lunch!

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Do you pack your lunch the night before, but forget it in the morning?

Remembering your Lunch!

Welcome to my world. At night, after the dinner meal was done, I would pack these wonderful lunches and then the next morning on my way to work I would be bummed that I forget it. I needed to come up with a full proof way to never forget my lunch again. I got home one night and went through my evening rituals looking for the best place to put my car keys near. I decided the handle of the fridge would work like a charm. It did. Every night I hang my car keys on the door of the fridge, or if I am bringing frozen food I put the keys on the handle of the freezer. It's been years now and I am still brown bagging it and saving money. I use the money I save, about $2,000 year for a special trip and as I lie on the beach I think about my lunches. I never feel deprived.



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