Shopping Safety for children

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How to protect your child(and your purse) in a store ?

Shopping Safety for children

Do you use a carriage for all of your shopping? Do you put your purse in the front of the carriage what was designed to hold a child? I do…and I thought everyone did what I did—but last week I was shopping with a friend who saw what I did and then told me—that is a very good idea—so since she didn't know –maybe you don't either and I want to share it with you.

When you are using a carriage use the child safety straps in the front for your purse straps. Buckle the straps through your purse straps and this will help your purse to be a little safer in the store.

If someone does try to take your purse, they will have a harder time trying to run with your purse since they will have to run with the carriage or it will take the criminal time to UN hinge the purse from its protective straps. It will give you more time to turn around, see what is happening and stop the bad person stealing what doesn't belong to them.



10/26/2006 4:59:48 PM
Lisa said:

Very good advice; I also had never thought about someone taking a purse in a shopping cart UNTIL a few years ago. I was at a grocery store and a thief did just that. He took a lady's purse right out of her basket and run right out of the store. He was out of sight within minutes


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