Label Your Linen Closet

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What is a good way to organize my linen closet?

Label Your Linen Closet

Linen closets can be a home organizer's nightmare. This is because of the sheer variety of items found in the linen closet — from sheets and towels to cleaning supplies and sewing items. Here's a quick and easy home care tip to help organize this space: labeling.

Clear labels can help you to organize your linen closet, right down to sheet and towel sizes. Place labels on the shelf directly in front of your stacks of items to make it easy for you to identify what you need every time you go in and out of your linen closet.

Also, many people store larger items towards the bottom of their linen closets. A good thing to store in the bottom of the closet is a pet bed. Just be sure to brush your pet bed before you store it in your linen closet, so that extraneous hairs don't make their way onto your sheets and blankets.



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