Organized Garden Hose

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How can I keep my garden hose from becoming tangled?

Organized Garden Hose

If your garden hose isn't coiled properly it can become tangled and accumulate kinks. Hose carts will keep your garden hose clean, organized and tangle free. It will also prolong the life expectancy of your hose.

Your house cart can either stay in an out of the way spot in your back yard, or it can be stored in the shed. When it's time to wash the car or water the lawn, the cart can be wheeled to the appropriate spot. When the weather turns cooler, store it in your outdoor storage shed or garage until it's warm once again.

By using a hose cart to store your hose, you don't have to find a spot to hang or coil your garden hose, because it's already done. It's a space saver inside and out!



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