The Imelda Syndrome

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How can I store and organize my shoes in my closet?

The Imelda Syndrome

Do you have a passion for shoes? It's ok to admit it - we all have something we love and shoes are always great fun! But have your shoes taken over your closet? Do you have…Mount Shoe? If you do, you should really consider getting some proper shoe storage because, really, you aren't taking good care of them if they are in a big pile, and how can you see what you have? There are a couple of options depending on your space and type of closet. You can get shoe storage that hangs on a hook over your closet door. These hanging shoe holders usually have plastic sleeves or pockets in which you can store a pair. These are great for summer shoes and "skinny" shoes, but won't work for boots or bigger shoes like Doc Martin's for instance. You can also get a shoe shelf for the bottom of your closet allowing for several levels of shoe storage (you can put your boots on the top shelf). Finally, shoe storage is now a part of many wall storage units - basically a bin that can be pulled out with room for several pairs of shoes within. These are typically somewhat flat and ideal for wall mounting. No matter the storage solution, you have no excuses not to conquer Mount Shoe!



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