Home Repair

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How can I keep my home care supplies better organized?

Home Repair

Ever moved something through your house and caught a corner with furniture (or anything for that matter) and not been able to touch up the chipped paint because you can't find the right supplies? If you are a fan of color, don't trust the old paint cans you may or may not have stored in the garage. They are likely separated, dried out and dead. A great home care *and* home organization tip: keep the paint cards (with number of color) in a folder in your filing system. This will allow you to pull out the right color if you have to get a match down the line. It will also be very helpful if you decide to change up one room in your home. By having the remaining color palette of your house easily accessible, you won't have to bring paint samples or be stuck with a color that doesn't look quite right next to and existing shade.



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