Keep Your Home at Maximum Efficiency

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How can I seal my windows efficiently?

Keep Your Home at Maximum Efficiency

One of the keys to space saving in your home is making sure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. We all can't run out and purchase new windows or re-insulate our homes though, but you don't have to end up with those giant sheets of plastic over your windows that eliminate space for plants, knick knacks and holiday decoration display space! If we're talking about your garage or basement, where you want to keep out the cold to ensure a viable storage space, you don't have to spend money on a new garage door or on costly and inefficient insulation. Consider weather stripping or a threshold weather strip instead. With the right product you will seal out the cold winds and snow and maintain not only the aesthetic appeal of your window sills, but also their usefulness. For a garage door, you can seal out dirt and water as well as the cold! Arguably the most important thing, you will save on your energy bills - and what is more efficient and organized than that?



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