Permanent Kitchen Islands

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What can a kitchen island incorporate to make my kitchen more efficient?

Permanent Kitchen Islands

Kitchen design has come a long way since the old days and now kitchen islands are really becoming the norm. Every year kitchen islands can incorporate more and more culinary gadgets. For instance, kitchen islands can now incorporate sinks for washing, preparing and cleaning food and dishes. It can also provide for additional storage for dishes, pots, pans, linens and other kitchen accessories. Kitchen islands can also incorporate wine glass racks, wine bottle storage and small appliances - the possibilities are really endless. One way to plan your kitchen storage effectively is to see, once you have the prep space, where you seem to do which aspect of your cooking. See how you use your kitchen and try to keep track so you can plan what you keep where for maximum efficiency. A great kitchen storage tip: don't fill every space you have. Leave some room for the growth of your kitchen collection.



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