Garden Carts

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How can I keep my garden tools organized and still use them in the garden whenever I want?

Garden Carts

If you are a gardener, chances are you begin a project and end up running into your garden shed or garage for supplies at least five times. In fact, unless you are extremely tidy and organized, the chances are that you can't even find all the supplies that you need whether its trimming shears, your favorite trowel or a kneeling pad to preserve your joints and your favorite gardening pants.

This is where garden carts can come in handy. They are specifically designed to hold everything from rakes and shovels to potting soil and seeds and everything in between. The best garden carts are designed to carry heavy weight (say up to 150 lbs) and can help you lug around fertilizer and other heavier items. Coupled with a refuse bag to hold cuttings, weeds and other garden "trash" how can you lose?

These carts are also designed to take up very little storage space in your garage or shed. Keep all of your gardening tools in one place like a garden cart and you'll make your hobby that much more fun (focus on the task, not the tools) and you'll save your back from undue stress from hefting heavy soil and fertilizer.



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