Choosing the Right Shelving

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What are my shelving options if I have small things that don't fit on shelves and in small drawers?

Choosing the Right Shelving

A big issue with the clutter of today is that it doesn't always neatly fit into a small drawer or on a book shelf. If this is the case with your stuff, you may want to consider a different kind of shelving for organization. Maybe what you really need is bins.

In some cases, you can get bins that will fit like drawers into your shelving unit. You see people do this with baskets pretty frequently, but you can also consider a multi bin organizer, which is literally a wall shelving unit constructed out of bins.

Of course the bins can still hold books but these units can also hold shoes, craft supplies, toys and even tools. These bin units are often more usable than regular shelving for about the same price. Consider what you really need to organize, what needs to go into the shelving unit and then find the right one to suit your need.



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