Getting the Most $ for Your Clutter

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How can I get the most money for my clutter?

Getting the Most $ for Your Clutter

If you have several collections you have decided you can do without, you should seriously think about going on EBay to see what your items are worth. Sometimes the market value of your stuff is higher than you may think. Try not to let this be a factor in keeping the stuff around, but rather for making some nice money off your clean and empty space!

Vintage toys are often worth some decent money, as well as some vintage clothing and board games. EBay is very user friendly, but here's a tip - get a user account and check "completed auctions" when you are looking up values. This is the best way to see what things are actually selling for. If the item sells for very little money, just sell them at your yard sale - chances are the fees from EBay will not make selling them there worthwhile.



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