Yard Sales 101

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How do I effectively hold a yard sale?

Yard Sales 101

When you are finally ready to purge, you should consider making a profit from all of your hard work and hold a yard sale. All you need to do is set aside a set of bins or boxes for the things you decide you can do without.

  • Set a date for your yard sale by looking for local events that may bring in extra people to your town.
  • Assess the best traffic area for signage.
  • Run on over to your town hall and get a permit if you need to think about renting tables if you don't have enough in your house.
  • The week before, take a bin into your TV room each night and gradually price all of your items. (You may think just having a $1.00 table would be easier, but folks are less apt to buy when items aren't individually priced.)
  • Schedule an early morning for your sale day - post your signs and set up your tables.

Remember - if you put an ad in the paper, expect early birds - the most avid yard-sailors always hit the sales early looking for the best bargains!



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