Garage Storage and Flag Organization

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How can I organize my garage?

Garage Storage and Flag Organization

The garage is the area of the house that most people depend on for storage purposes. This can contribute to a junky, unappealing garage area that is not useful for efficient storage. A way to combat this is to install shelving throughout areas in your garage.
Allow each family member to have portions of the shelving for their individual items. This will allow everyone to have storage options without unorganized clutter.
Be sure to group items together, such as gardening items, home repair items, car accessories, etc. Label each shelf so that you know where each item is located. Use the higher shelving for toxic cleaning supplies and other items that should be kept out of the reach of children and the lower shelves or the ground for heavier items.

Also, keep in mind that if you have American flags or any other type of flag hanging over your garage, or anywhere in your yard, clean it regularly and when preparing it for storage, fold it properly and store it in a place in your garage where it will be kept neat and clean until you decide to use it again.

You could also start an organization club with a few of your friends, getting together at one person's garage each month to help organize. This is a good way to get what is usually a large, multiple day job done quickly and efficiently.



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