Quick and Easy Touchups

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How can I keep my bathroom clean with a miniumum of time and effort?

Quick and Easy Touchups

Do you groan when you enter your bathroom? Is the toothpaste debris concrete-solid? Do you wish you had time to clean it? Does 'clean the bathroom' require a two-hour commitment out of your schedule?

Although the initial grunt work will have to be done first, cleaning the bathroom does not need to require chemical resistant gloves and face mask everytime! Nor should it take hours to accomplish. All it takes is a minute here and a minute there. And antiseptic wipes!! Don't forget those.

Keep a container of wipes in every room wherein they can be used (all bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen.) Every other day (or everyday if you're a real neat-freak), simply wipe down the sink/counters that take the most abuse. Toothpaste that's only a day or so old is not nearly as difficult to wipe off as the week- or month-old stuff. Once or twice a week, wipe around the tub edges and floor corners and exposed areas. Don't forget the washer/dryer where lint and soap has accumulated. When it's time
to really CLEAN these rooms, you'll find that it goes quickly and with a minimum of effort.



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