End Entangled Extension Cords

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How can I keep my extension cords organized and protected?

End Entangled Extension Cords

Do you find yourself spending more time looking for and untangling an extension cord than it takes to use it? Do your extension cords fray and wear out from improper storage? Can you never remember which cord works best for which appliance? Do you try three different cords before finding the right length for your need?

The end to this problem is in a simple toilet paper roll! Simply loop the cord back and forth, slip into the tube, and voila! Your cord stays together and doesn't tangle with other cords. If you have special cords for special appliances, simply label the extension cord on the cardboard tube with a sharpie, and that cord is identified. Extension cord length can also be written, thus ending the search for a nine-foot cord amongst all the six-foot ones!

AND, if you put them all in the same drawer, you'll never have to hunt for an extension cord again!



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