The Versatility of Home Organization Products

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The Versatility of Home Organization Products

When it comes to the use of home organization products, it is helpful to think outside of the proverbial box. After all, you don't always have to use a product for the purpose that it was intended for and sometimes you can think of a better use for something than the original inventor had in mind. Here are some perfect examples...

Many stores sell spice organizers that are made to fit in your kitchen drawers. While every kitchen can certainly benefit from having spices well-organized and easily accessible, you aren't limited to using a spice organizer for spices alone. If you plan on buying a spice organizer, pick up two instead. Put one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. This type of organizer can be used to effectively organize nail polish in a vanity drawer. Nail polish has a tendency to get misplaced and the majority of people would appreciate a great way to store it. An in-drawer spice rack can be the perfect solution.

Another kitchen item that can serve a dual purpose in a different room is the ice cube tray. You can use ice cube trays to line a shallow dresser drawer and put individual pairs of earrings in each of the compartments of the tray. This will give you plenty of space for all of your earrings and you won't be digging through an unorganized mess to find the perfect pair.

Your necklaces can also benefit from a common kitchen item. Thread your necklaces through plastic straws so they no longer become tangled with each other.



1/4/2008 4:14:18 AM
Kathy said:

Another way to store earrings-especialling wire earrings-buy a simple picture frame and remove the glass and back. Tape or staple needlepoint canvas-the plastic grid of squares you can get at any crafting store. Just put the wire earrings through the small squares and you have easy access to them as well as being able to see exactly what you have. It also makes a nice decorative item in your room. For post earrings, I cut out a square or circle of styrofoam and just push the earrings (back and all)into the styrofoam. They stick great and are also easy to see what you have.


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