Your Home Office Filling System Doesn't Have to Be Unsightly

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Your Home Office Filling System Doesn't Have to Be Unsightly

The other day I went to the house of a person who was starting their own home business. We were discussing marketing and advertising opportunities they should take advantage of and the gentleman showed me into his home office, which was actually his living room. The first thing I noticed was the big and unsightly old metal filing cabinet sitting right next to his couch.

Whether you're starting a home business or you've been around the block before, there's one thing you need to understand when it comes to home office filing systems -- what works in a corporate office may not necessarily work in your home. While big and bulky metal filing cabinets may be just fine in the back room of an accounting department, they have no place in your living space. There are dozens of attractive filing systems on the market nowadays and you'd be better off with decorative expandable files or filing cabinets that double as coffee tables and end tables. Remember, just because you're building a business in your home it doesn't mean you should have to sacrifice the beauty of your living environment.



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