When your ready to get really organized.

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I've bought the folders and the file cabinet...now what do I do?

When your ready to get really organized.

Most organized people have a file cabinet. Get your files ready. These are some of the file names you should have.

1. Driving Directions folder.
Create a file folder for Driving Directions to places you
go to infrequently. Write down the directions and keep them
in this folder for future use. You won't have to keep
asking how to get to where you're going.

2. Warranties. Please don't be on of those families that have their warranties in every room of the house and when a product breaks—can't find the warranty. Make a file folder…make two or three of them if need be. But, keep all of your warranties together. And, if you are like me and get tired of an electronic and want to sell it or give it away—you know where the information is about that item. Makes you look real organized to all of your friends too.

3. Write your current job title on one file folder and put everything that pertains to your job in that folder. At work I have a folder titled “Me” and everything that I feel I need to know about goes in that file. I also have a file folder marked Reading. It's everything I know I need to read and when I have a few minutes of time—I check that file and start reading.



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