Don't do it Today

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Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into your house?

Don't do it Today

Do you say 'I have to get organized,' every day—it's no wonder you are freaking out! This statement usually results in an overwhelmed, 'I don't know where to start' feeling.

So, right now promise me you will banish those words from your vocabulary. It's more important to define exactly what you want to organize, than say you want to just get organized.

First I want you to make a list of the specific things you'd like to organize, your bedroom closet, your kitchen cupboards, or your work filing cabinets .

Then, prioritize your list. The tasks closest to the top should be those that are currently causing you the most stress. Once you prioritize your list, choose one or two of those tasks to work on. Once you choose your one or two tasks, break them down into smaller mini goals. If you'd like to organize your closet, you may break it down into top shelf, middle shelf and lower shelf. Tackle tasks that can easily be completed, in small brackets of time.



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