Pursing Around?

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How heavy is your purse?

Pursing Around?

If you are like most women, we carry around far too much identifying information. Please do not carry your passport unless you are going on a trip. You do not need to carry your birth certificate, or credit cards you're not using. (In fact, if you haven't used them in some time, close the accounts. Don't carry around your Social Security card. Why? Your Social Security number is key for an identify thief because it can be used to apply for credit or other loans in your name.

You do not need to carry the entire make-up counter at Sax's. Just a few basics are all you need. Lipstick, mascara, blush…and maybe one more. Keep it simple. And those should be stored in it's own case. Empty your wallet of receipts every night, and please, please please carry those coupons with you in your car, not in your purse. You never know when you need to stop by the grocery store, and if it's in your car, you will always have them with you—but your purse will be lighter!



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