Don't YOU BUY, until your Organize

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What do I buy to get myself organized?

Don't YOU BUY, until your Organize

Don't buy until you organize: What does that mean you may ask? Well, in a nutshell: Don't buy any type of organizational equipment until you know what you need. This one rule will save you lots of unnecessary trips back to the store, and of course money. Once, you know—Hey, I need shelves and a few baskets on this shelf, or I need a large cupboard for all of my treasures that I am keeping –then that is the time to go shopping. OH, and when you go, make sure you have your measurements…and a color patch of the wall where it is going…there is nothing worse than buying something, having it delivered and then not liking how the two colors work together…So, please before you buy; you need to get organized. Remember, Do I love it? Keep It. Do I hate it, but it's still in great condition. Donate it. Do you hate it, and it's junk---Trash it!

Now, you will have the space to make decisions about what you need for your possessions. You will be organized, clutter-free and maybe even ready for your shoot in Home and Gardens. Have an Organized Day!



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