Even your linen closet can be organized

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How many is too many?

Even your linen closet can be organized

Here are two quick tips for your linen closet:

How many sets of sheets do you have? Are they all complete sets, or have years of wear and tear caused havoc on them. I believe you need only to

have only 3 complete sets of sheets for every bed in your house. Why 3? Because one is on your bed, one is in the laundry and one is in your closet.

I also take one of the pillowcases and put the sheets and the other pillowcase inside. If you do this for all of your sheets, your linen closet will be very organized.

Now, about the towels. I believe, having three full sets of towels –bath, fingertip and cloth -- per person, per bathroom is enough for anyone. If you disagree then you must be my aunt who believes that towels in every shade of blue, green and yellow is never enough. That is why she is aunt clutter to the family. Do you want to be known as aunt or uncle clutter? No, so keep to these rules when you are dealing with the linen closet.



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