How to store paper.

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Do you know the proper way to store love letters?

How to store paper.

Do you know the proper way to store your possessions? Did you know that all of your papers that you want to keep, newspapers, magazines, old love letters, new love letters, and the flower you pressed when you were 13…should be in acid free—archival storage boxes? You can buy them at art stores…and they come in various sizes and colors. You can buy one for each paper item you want to store. I have storage boxes for alot of things I keep. They are great for keeping old newspapers and newspaper clippings, because the paper does not yellow. I also have a few acid-free boxes for my favorite magazines, especally first edition magazines that I collect. I also have boxes for my favorite cards,Playbills from Broadway Shows and other very personal items I don't want ruined. It's especially wonderful for love letters and other letters you never want to throw away. It's also a great way to organize between items you want to keep and items that can be thrown away.



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