Shower Caddys Aid in Bathtub Organization

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How Can I Keep the Products In My Bathtub Organized?

Shower Caddys Aid in Bathtub Organization

Use a shower caddy for storing items in your bathtub area. This is the space for shampoos and soaps. Do not overload your shower caddy, as they can be fragile. Just keep what you absolutely need in the shower/bath on your caddy.

There are several varieties, however, the most sturdy include those with suction cups attached to hold the caddy in place or those that you can screw into the wall above the tile of your shower area. There are a number of brands to choose from, so before you choose one that's best for your bathroom, take stock of the layout of your bathtub/shower area. Note details such as what kind of tiling you have, how many types of products you have to place on the caddy and how permanent you need it to be. Considering these factors will help you choose the best shower caddy for your bathroom.



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