Organize Your Refrigerator

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What is the best method of refrigerator organization?

Organize Your Refrigerator

Before you go grocery shopping each week, take stock of what is in your refrigerator and clean it out. This will not only help you to determine what exactly you need to include on your grocery list, but will also keep your refrigerator neat and organized.

Other tips for refrigerator organization include:
* Throw away all old food and beverages
* Keep a small container of baking soda in your refrigerator to help kill bacteria and keep it smelling fresh
* Store items in the designated places, fruit and vegetables in separate drawers, etc. This helps to keep food fresher, longer and contributes to keeping your refrigerator organized.
* Keep products that have an expiration date at the front of your refrigerator, so you remember to use them before they go bad.

You can also store things in the space above your refrigerator. Using a kitchen chair, it is a good space for things you would prefer to keep out of reach of children, such as medications.



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