Keeping The Laundry Room Organized

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What is the most efficient way to organize piles of clothing in the laundry room?

Keeping The Laundry Room Organized

There are a couple of key strategies for keeping your laundry room neat even when faced with several piles of clothes.

* Keep at least three baskets in your laundry room to separate clothes. You can either buy a pre-sectioned laundry sorter or use a few wicker baskets for this purpose. This is a way to sort clothes into piles for washing while still maintaining order and organization in your laundry room.

*To keep your laundry under control, try to do one pile from your laundry sorter each day to keep the piles from becoming an overwhelming and daunting task.

*Designate a space to keep your detergents and other cleaning products in your laundry room. Most people have shelving of some sort, but a bin with separate compartments a basket will also do the trick. The object of laundry room organization is to keep products and clothing in one place so that you can have easy access to it.

*Clean hoses and vents in your laundry room regularly to keep dust from building up. A dryer vent cleaning brush is particularly important as dryers let off extreme amounts of dry heat, so you don't want buildup in your dryer vents from lint, dust, etc.



3/6/2007 11:37:23 AM
Linda said:

If you don't have room for a wastebasket to throw away dryer lint, you can buy one of those miniature wastebaskets (with the swinging lid)to sit on top of your dryer to throw the lint away. I found mine at the dollar store and only empty it once a week.


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