Winter Storage

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What are some winter storage tips?

Winter Storage

If you live in a climate that varies, winter storage of your outdoor furniture, barbecue and other summer stuff can present a problem - especially if you don't have a garage or you like to use your garage for your car. The simplest suggestion is usually a storage shed. It needs to be structurally sound (to keep the critters out) but it can be simple and it clearly does not need to be heated! You need to consider what you want to store in your shed before you buy since there are varied sizes and shapes available. Hopefully your shed comes with built in storage - if not, consider shelving made of some sort of composite material or heavy duty plastic (avoid metal - it may rust). Don't forget to use wall space for mounted shelving, hooks or wallboard! One you have the developed the infrastructure for your shed, move on in. Now you just have to overcome the biggest challenge of all - not filling up all that space you just made with *stuff*!



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