Don't Overlook the Toilet, Look Over the Toilet

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How can I maximize the space in my small bathroom?

Don't Overlook the Toilet, Look Over the Toilet

In considering bathroom storage, the space above the toilet tank is frequently overlooked in terms of storage options. For instance, many people hang art above their toilet, but why use the space for that when it could become a valuable storage option. A bathroom etagere is a great storage solution, especially when well designed.

If you choose a cabinet that is deep enough, it can be used for towels and linens - especially hand towels for your guests. This is another great opportunity to use baskets for small item storage - perhaps your manicure set or hair care products? You need to think a lot about what you want to store where in your bathroom.

A bathroom storage tip: If you want to keep certain supplies private, a basket in your linen closet or your bathroom hutch will do the trick. Keep items you don't mind people seeing in your étagère.



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