Bathroom Hutch

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How can I create bathroom storage without a linen closet or bathroom closet?

Bathroom Hutch

Is your bathroom large on space and small on closets? In many of today's condos - old renovated homes in particular, they manage to create spacious and well appointed bathrooms that are only missing one thing - and that is a linen closet. So if you don't have a linen closet, and you don't have the desire or the means to build one, you should consider a bathroom hutch or wardrobe cabinet.

Choose one that fits your decor whether it is wood or painted and make sure you choose the right size for your space. It should hold towels, sheets and other bathroom supplies in good order. You may consider using baskets in the cabinet itself to you have better access to the supplies that would end up in the back of the cabinet. You'll also be able to store more of the small items that typically cause the clutter problem in your bathroom.



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