Hook it Up

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How can I customize my kitchen cabinets for maximum kitchen storage?

Hook it Up

Don't think you are stuck with your upper cabinets as they are. Glasses and mugs take up a lot of space and they don't really need to. Consider a couple of organizational and space saving tips - screw in small hooks at the top of your kitchen cabinet shelves. You can do this at the top of either shelves, or just one. Then hang your mugs by the handles. Then, you can store several on the shelf, and several more on hooks above. You can also be more efficient with your wineglass storage. If you have a handy carpenter in the house, pick up some wood at your local lumber yard and fashion some wine glass kitchen racks. Hang your glasses by the base and, depending on the height of your kitchen cabinets, you may end up being able to store twice as many glasses in one cabinet!



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