Rolling Hose Carts

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I have a huge lawn, how can I bring my hose, weed killer and other necessities with me when I am maintaining it?

Rolling Hose Carts

Caring for your lawn can be a chore, especially if you have a lot of acreage. Not everyone can afford a sprinkler system and let's be honest, it can be a royal pain to get your hose out to whichever part of the lawn needs your attention. If your hose is large enough to cover the whole area, the liklihood is that it is very large, heavy and cumbersome, so unless you have a gardner, you are going to need an organized and smart solution.

Hose carts are a simple and innovative solution, especially when they are well designed. You want a cart that has large enough wheels to handle bumpy terrain, has the weight capacity to handle a sufficiently heavy hose and that has the storage capacity to hold any small items, like weed killer that you'll need to handle a large lawn.



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