Kitchen Carts

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I need temporary food preparation space, is a kitchen cart right for me?

Kitchen Carts

At some point, we all have dinner parties, host Thanksgiving and holidays and end up with more dishes to prepare than we have room for in our kitchen. In this case, a collapsible kitchen cart can be a lifesaver.

Kitchen carts can be permanent fixtures in your kitchen, but there is no law that says you can't use one for temporary storage or food prep. If you get one with a butcher block top, for instance, it can be ideal for preparing pie dough, cookie dough and other baked goods. You can also use it for chopping and vegetable prep, or just as a cooling rack for desserts coming out of the oven.

By choosing a collapsible kitchen cart, once your dinner party is over, you can simply collapse it and store it for future use. One thing to consider will be using it for specific dish preparation.

If you use this butcher block for dough preparation and the like, you may not want to use it for chopping spices or meats. Wood does absorb flavors and oils from your foods, so be wary of using a wood food prep surface for multiple uses.



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