Pot Racks

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How can a pot rack save space in my kitchen?

Pot Racks

A simple and incredibly effective space saver is always the pot rack. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and in many cases there is not sufficient storage for the pots and pans we use on a daily basis.

Rather than keeping your cooking implements in a cabinet where they will most likely be stacked and difficult to access, why not consider grabbing yourself a proper pot rack? They come wall mounted or ceiling mounted and you can get them large enough to hold every pot and pan in your kitchen or small enough to hold around 5 or 6 of your favorites.

Now, if you decide to take the plunge and grab a rack, make sure you don't scrimp. Your pot rack needs to be sturdy, made with solid materials like cast iron, steel and strong wood. You also need to measure your space and make sure you choose the right option. By really thinking about your organizational choice before you buy, you'll ensure that you find the right piece and it will make all the difference in your kitchen organization.



10/24/2006 2:53:16 PM
Leo Hall said:

Hi, I agree. As a pot rack builder and the owner of a smaller home, I purchased a pot rack for my kitchen and realized how useful they were. So I started building them myself. I know that in my own kitchen I really use mine. I have at least 10 pots and pans, 2 colanders a dozen utensils like ladels and big spoons and the top has casserole dishes and large bowls on it. It is really utilized in my kitchen. And with minimal cabinet space in my kitchen it has allowed me to make better use of the space I have and make it so much easier to cook because I can see what I am looking for and it is in easy reach. Consider a pot rack, not only for it's beauty but for it's practicality.


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