The Joy of Storage Bins

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How can I store things that mean a lot to me safely in my basement?

The Joy of Storage Bins

If you have a lot of your childhood treasures and you need to store them securely, don't depend on a cardboard box or a trash bag in your basement. Stackable rubber tubs with lids are really the way to go. Not only are they portable, they will keep your treasures safe from moisture and any basement flooding that may occur.

A tub storage bin tip: don't just toss stuff into your bins - organize the contents by year or type of item and label your bins. Make sure you label them on the front or on one side and uniformly - this will allow you to assess the bins and what is in which bin if you need to access stuff later. Don't be afraid to label the rough weight of the bins either (light/heavy/super heavy) as warning!



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