Modular Shelving

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How can I customize shelving?

Modular Shelving

No matter how large or how small, modular shelving is going to work for your space. You do need to worry about the depth of the shelf and about the corners of the room, but otherwise all bets are off. If you have a long, blank wall and a lot of stuff, custom designed shelving, or modular shelving may be a better solution than, say, creating a custom built in shelving unit.

Choose the right veneer or finish for the room and make sure you are accounting for corner usage and the end cap of the unit. A shelving tip: When you are shopping for modular shelving, you want to assess your ceiling height and the width of the blank wall. Choose modules, that when put together, will fill the space the right way - if you choose modules that are the wrong size, you won't maximize the space.



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