Home Work Shop Organization

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How can I use storage better for my tools?

Home Work Shop Organization

Have your tools gotten away from you? Do you have ten DIY projects going at once because you can't find your needle nosed pliers or precision flat head screwdriver?

What you need is to get organized with a proper work bench and supply area. To begin with, you need a proper work bench made with heavy duty wood or steel. It should have a perforated backer board area and plenty of shelving.

Depending on what kind of project and materials you keep in your workshop, you may want a cabinet as well. By having proper storage you can hold your tools in separate areas and you can create storage areas for items like nails, screws and other bulk utility items. A great storage tip: take a 2 x 4 plank and ten pickle jars. Unscrew the lids and attach the lids to the 2x4. Mount the plank on the wall and screw the jars into the lids. You now have storage for any number of small tool parts.



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