Think Out of the Box and Out of the Closet

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How can I use my closets more effectively as storage spaces?

Think Out of the Box and Out of the Closet

All too often we are willing to stick with the status quo. Take your closet for instance. Do you have a front hall closet or a linen closet that you consistently cram stuff into and shut the door with your eyes closed? Are you thinking the only solutions or storage units will be too expensive for you to afford? Don't be so closed minded!

First make sure you have gotten rid of all the old clothes you don't really need and then figure out what you really need to use the space for.

  • Maybe its time to split your closet between shelving and a clothing rod?
  • Maybe you have wall art to store and you need several long, tall and deep compartments in which to slide your artwork?
  • Maybe you need a series of pegs or a series of shelves and bins to hold art supplies and smocks?

Check out your local hardware store for inexpensive shelving options and implement! It will be worth far more than the small investment in supplies.



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